Failed Interaction between Win2k and linux!

Rajan Aggarwal rajan at
Wed Oct 15 15:21:30 GMT 2003

Facing a peculiar problem when interacting between a Win2k client and
Linux(running samba server)...

The security level has been set to "user" and a valid directory shared.
Proper permissions have been assigned to this share and a user
account(through which i intend to connect from win2k) has been created
on my linux server.

Still while connecting to the share the message "bad login..." is
flashed...I read it somewhere that Win2k and WinXP require additional
samba accounts on server for coping with complex authentication process.
This samba account has to be usrname:"<client-machine name>" and
password:"<client-machine name>$".

When did the same, everything worked fine. But deleting this account and
creating any valid account followed by $ doesn't help. Doesn't this
thing defeat the basic ideology behind "user level" security wherein
irrespective of the "machine name" a specific "user" can be given

Can anybody help in this regard???


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