[patch] nt_printing.c

Jeff Chua jeff99 at silk.corp.fedex.com
Mon Oct 13 16:09:03 GMT 2003

On 13 Oct 2003, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> This is incorrect.  The user you connect with needs write access to that
> directory.

Andrew, I see where you're coming from. But, in my case, I logon Win2k as
"root" and upload all the printer drivers to the server, and only "root"
has this access, while default "guest" can only install the printers, but
not upload.

Here's part of my smb.conf ...

	guest account = guest
	guest ok = yes
	security = share
	map to guest = bad user

        browseable = yes
        guest ok = yes
        writeable = no
        write list = root

What I was trying to achieve is to allow only "root" to upload printer
drivers to the server, and nobody else. Without the patch, I would have to
open up the "printer" directory, and that would make the system insecure.
Try setting the path in print$ to mode 700 and you'll see it's not
possible to upload drivers to [print$] path.

If you've any alternate suggestion, I'll be happy to try out.


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