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Sat Oct 11 18:19:45 GMT 2003

Jason G wrote:
> Hi, I apologize in advance for asking such a silly question.
> I'm not a real developer, but I do play around with C code for fun (typically really simple stuff).  I'm trying to use some samba functions (mainly the parsing functions from loadparm.c) but I can't compile anything after including either smb.h or includes.h into my code.
> The long and short of my question is if I want to use the functionallity from loadparm.c, what would be the compile/link commands to do so.  I just need something very basic to get me started.


The parsing functions are in params.c.  loadparams.c does the job of
figuring out the semantics of the parameters and building the internal

smb.h and includes.h have a lot of stuff that is specific to Samba as a
whole.  If you really just want to parse files that are in smb.conf format,
then you may be better off without those include files.

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