Winbind and Gecos field ...

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Sat Oct 11 05:32:33 GMT 2003

>    Line 149 and 252 of winbindd_ads.c has
>        gecos = ads_pull_string(ads, mem_ctx, msg, "name");
>    Which would let me believe that the LDAP field name would be getting 
>put into gecos field, so I check my Win2K3 system, and find that field 
>name is the same as sAMAccountType, but, it filled.  Which got me 

The "name" attribute contains the value of an entry's relative
distinguished name (RDN). In the case of a user this is the value of
the "cn", or common name, attribute.

sAMAccountType has syntax INTEGER, and sAMAccountName is the downlevel
name (it need not be the same as the common name).

-- Luke

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