Only WinXP clients working

Ranjit K Pedapati ranjit at
Thu Oct 9 22:47:11 GMT 2003

Some times when XP, 2000 applications open the file and save it, the file
ownership gets changed; also, its permissions get changed to something like
744. I used to see that problem with NT4.0 and Windows2000 clients.

Check if that’s the case. If it is, you may be better off by forcing the
permissions for all the shared files to be set to 774 or something like

- Ranjit

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I am having a peculiar problem with our Samba server on a Redhat 8 box.  
Since we changed over to using encrypted passwords, occasionally only WinXP
users are able to access files.  If a Win98 or WinME machine tries they can
get to the file but when they try to open it they get a message indicating
that the file is read only and it won't open.  Does anybody have any ideas?


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