Mysql error with UserManager.

Collen collen at
Thu Oct 9 13:43:57 GMT 2003

G'day ya all..

I'm trying to make the Mysql backend to work with our server.
basicly it works, except for the folowing

i compiled samba with share module mysql (--expsam=mysql)
when firering up the NT4 usermanager i get the folowing error
"Array Bounds Are Invalid"

(and once in a while "The Stub Received Bad Data" ( 1 out of 50 try's))

annyway. the plugin works quite fine with the rest (i can make users with 
pdbedit or smbpasswd)
or join the domain and log in as a domain user.. it's all ok, exept that 
user manager.

if i turn of mysql and use the pdbsam, the error's diapear .!?!?

i tried to compile the mysql plugin as a static module, but i get even more 
prob's concerning winbind (even without-winbind option ?!)

is there some known mysql backend error i'm not aware off ?/
or mayby some fine tuning ??


Collen (MLHJ)

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