RedHat rpm ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Wed Oct 8 11:35:45 GMT 2003

> |    Okay, small thing, but the RedHat 9 rpm (-2 also), does not add
> | winbind to rc list, I don't know why ... currently I have to do 
> "chkconf
> | --add winbind" after an rpm install, I am sure this is just an
> oversite ...
> My best guess so far is that this is a race between
> the uninstall of the previous package and the install
> of the new one.  I'm working on it but no luck yet. 

    I do remember seeing an error with the RedHat rpm's for Samba while 
installing Samba rpms for RedHat ...  Maybe this only happens when 
upgrading from RedHat rpm's and not Samba rpms.


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