Performance mismatch in get and put files!

Rajan Aggarwal rajan at
Wed Oct 8 05:15:27 GMT 2003

Facing a weird behavior in "get" and "put" commands over samba.

I have 2 linux(RedHat 9.0) machines running samba2.2.8. Followed the
following sequence of steps:

* [abc at localhost abc]$ smbclient //machine/test -U user -O TCP_NODELAY
supplied the required password for "machine", which has the security
type as "user"(i have an account on the remote machine).

* smb:\> put <filename>
* Subsequently, tried smb:\> get <filename>

For the same file of any size greater than 32K, the speeds of transfer
are different. There is a substantial difference of around 10K (speed of
get being lesser). This difference goes on building up for larger files.

Though an entirely different protocol FTP, the speeds of transfer were
exactly same(no ambiguities). But this ruled out the possibility of
difference due to mismatch in machine configurations.

Could anyone provide a clue about it???


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