Need self-contained web-administrative application rsradvan at
Mon Oct 6 18:28:18 GMT 2003

Hello everyone!!!

I am currently developing a FREE (probably GPL) security application for
network-related traffic.  This product will be a self-contained application,
much like "SWAT", in that it is an application, with a web-based
administrative interfaced based upon port number(s) used.

I want to differentiate between end-user and administrator (obviously), and
within any large, enterprise corporate environment, having a single point of
comunnication would be easier (easier to break, easier to fix, easier to
monitor....etc, etc.).

For administrators, use a web-based browser and access PORT 69690; this will
return the administrative screen for the application.

For end-users, use a web-based browser and access 12345; this will return
the end-user authorization screen.

For end-users, use a web-based browser and access 80 (or... 8080, 8081, or
443); this will return a prompt for the end-user to login, with their
authorization screen.

The contents of the internal workings of the program are still being
hammered out.  I want this program to be used in conjunction with other
network security applications.  At some time, this application will be
converted to an "embedded environment".

Now...  here's my question.

Without having to troll through all of the "SWAT" code; is there a template
you folks have used to develop "SWAT" for this purpose?  Meaning, I don't
want the "SAMBA" piece to the application, just the self-contained,
web-based administrative functionality of the software.

And if it is fairly localized, where would it be?  Please advise - TIA.


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