[VFS] skel_transparent.so problem

Enescu Bogdan benescu at bitdefender.com
Thu Oct 2 14:54:01 GMT 2003

My problem : i'm trying to use skel_transparent.so in a share with SAMBA
3.0.0 and it's not working.

What i've done:

1) downloaded the source
2) in /source directoy
./configure --prefix=/usr/ --sysconfdir=/etc/samba/ --localstatedir=/var/sam
ba --with-smbmount --with-syslog --with-acl-support --with-shared-modules=vf
3) make
4) make install
5) in /examples/vfs i've builded the skel_transparent.so
6) in smb.cond vfs object = path/to/skel_transparent.so
and it'snot working

Please tell me in great detail what i have to do to make that module work.

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