winbind "warm up" period?

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Oct 2 00:01:47 GMT 2003

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 02:05:48PM -0700, Marc Kaplan wrote:

> Just a note that I'm seeing this too. Once winbindd starts, it is about
> 15-20 seconds before it can answer any wbinfo queries. For example wbinfo
> -p, wbinfo --sequence, and wbinfo -m all fail with the same error code as if
> winbindd were not running. I.e. "Could not YYY" where YYY is what you're
> trying to do. Shouldn't the wbinfo command just wait until winbindd is able
> to answer these queries rather than acting like winbindd is not alive?

I thought (when first writing winbindd) that it would be better not to
accept requests than to block, possibly for a long time, during the
warmup period.

Do you think it should really be changed?  It was an assumption I made
three years ago and things might have changed since then.  (-:


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