Stefan Metzmacher stefan.metzmacher at metzemix.de
Wed Oct 1 08:04:30 GMT 2003

Enescu Bogdan wrote:

> My problem : i'm trying to use skel_transparent.so in a share with 
> SAMBA 3.0.0 and it's not working.
> What i've done:
> 1) downloaded the source
> 2) in /source directoy ./configure --with-acl-support  
> --with-shared-modules=vfs
> 3) make
> 4) make install
> 5) in /examples/vfs i've builded the skel_transparent.so

this should be installed into ${libdir}/samba/vfs/
(where all other vfs modules(recycle.so ...) are installed too

samba searches for shared vfs modules only in this directory.

or you can use the global 'preload modules' option and specify a module 
by path, then it's loaded on server start.

> 6) in smb.cond vfs object = path/to/skel_transparent.so
> and it'snot working

that's wrong, it should be:

vfs objects =  skel_transparent

all modules are specified by the name they're registered by the 
smb_register_XXX() functions and not by path.
the only 'by path' option is 'preload modules'.

> Please tell me in great detail what i have to do to make that module 
> work.

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