check_oem_password: incorrect password length (456509439).

Дейтер Александр Валерьевич tiamat at
Wed Oct 1 05:23:25 GMT 2003

I have samba CVS 3.0.1pre1 on FreeBSD 5.1 (sparc64 and i386).
Samba act as PDC with ldapsam backend.
I cannot change user password from Win2k workstations with ctrl+alt+del, if
length of the current password is more than 14 symbols.

My steps:
1. set user password to 'passwd'.
2. login to Win2k workstation, press alt+ctrl+del and success change
password from 'passwd' to 'verylongpassword'.
3.again alt+ctrl+del and try change password from 'verylongpassword' to
'passwd' - get error:
The User name or old password is incorrect. Letters in password must be
typed using the correct case. Make sure that Caps Lock is not accidentaly

In samba logs (i try i386 and sparc64) i see same errors:

[2003/10/01 09:09:16, 0] smbd/chgpasswd.c:check_oem_password(827)
  check_oem_password: incorrect password length (456509439).

i can successfully change the user password with smbpasswd -U user -r server
(server i386 or sparc64):

$ smbpasswd -U user -r server
Old SMB password: verylongpassword
New SMB password: passwd
Retype new SMB password: passwd
Password changed for user user on server.


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