CVS update: samba4/source/ntvfs

tridge at tridge at
Sun Nov 30 23:08:28 GMT 2003


 > Even then, you shouldn't store the interface version in the ops
 > struct. Rather, the module should check the interface version itself
 > and then decide whether it wants to register.

exactly. It must be the modules choice if it wants to register. 

 > Wasn't the first element of the struct returned by
 > ntvfs_interface_version() the value of the sizeof() of that struct?

yes. The module should call ntvfs_interface_version() as the first
Samba function it calls. It should then decide based on the result of
that call whether it will continue. Potentially it could have builtin
two sets of code for two different versions of Samba, and choose which
function pointers to use based on the result of
ntvfs_interface_version(). Only the module itself can make this

Cheers, Tridge

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