do not support winbind users or groups in smb.confi without seciftying a domain

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sun Nov 30 04:04:21 GMT 2003

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Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> This is what has me confused about this issue - if we can't 
 > tell that this is a winbind group, and if nsswitch is
 > actually working correctly, how is a winbind group any different
 > from a local unix group?
> I understand this means we cannot apply any 'is winbind group'
> optimisations, but other than that, what is is about these 
 > groups that causes things to break?

In theory you are correct but not in practice.  There are several
hand tuned cases for winbindd in the smbd code.  I've had three
or four bugs come up because of this.  The code doesn't work correctly 
because no one ever ran the full series of tests.  And since the 
original intent was to use 'winbind use default domain' for unix 
services, i'm just suggesting that we stick with that plan.  It's no 
help for smb.conf.

cheers, jerry
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