Copied file vanishes when client is OS X

Benjamin Riefenstahl Benjamin.Riefenstahl at
Tue Nov 25 19:18:17 GMT 2003

Hi Ed,

Ed Holden <eholden at> writes:
> I installed the Developer Tools SDK as you suggested.  GetFileInfo
> had this to say about the file:
>   file: "/Users/nrladmin/Desktop/gnu-linux.pdf"
>   type: ""
>   creator: ""
>   attributes: avbstclinmed
>   created: 11/24/2003 16:49:40
>   modified: 11/06/2003 21:05:53
> And DeRez says this:
>   ### ./DeRez - The resource fork of 
>   "/Users/nrladmin/Desktop/gnu-linux.pdf" 
>   is empty and uninitialized.
> Is an empty and uninitialized resource fork a bad thing?

No, that's perfectly ok.  It just means that it is a normal file
created by a program that ignores Mac OS X specific file metadata and
doesn't use a resource fork.  Just as expected.

> If I open the PDF in Preview and do a Save As, creating a new file
> called gnu-linux2.pdf, the new file copies fine.  However, the DeRez
> output is identical.  And the contents of the files are also
> ientical, according to diff.

Hm, there must be *some* difference.  When I save a file from, GetFileInfo says this about the new file:

 file: "t2.pdf"
 type: "PDF "
 creator: "prvw"
 attributes: avbstclinmed
 created: 11/25/2003 18:46:29
 modified: 11/25/2003 18:46:29

Can you try to set this type and creator in your file (make a copy for
testing) with

  SetFile -c "prvw" -t "PDF " gnu-linux2.pdf

and test with that?

Also, can you try, if the CpMac tool can copy the file to the Samba
server successfully?

>> Does a copy of the file work, if you create that with the "cp" tool
>> in on the Mac?
> Good idea.  I did cp on the command line and unfortunately the copy
> still fails.  It's the same result as if I had run a Duplicate in
> the GUI.

The same should happen if you use "cp" to make a copy of the file
generated from, does it?


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