multiple connections as different identities

David Bear david.bear at
Tue Nov 25 17:04:03 GMT 2003

it seems that windows XP wants to connect to samba using multiple

smbstatus reports

IPC$         ekessle  samba    67080   pp086168 ( Tue Nov 25 08:22:16 2003
IPC$         nobody   nobody   67080   pp086168 ( Tue Nov 25 09:31:57 2003

The issue I have is that on shares that do not permit anonymous
connections, occasionally users are denied access.  I'm guessing
becuase XP told samba that it was 'nobody', ie anonymous.

Anyone know how to force XP to send the currently logged on users
credentials rather that 'guest'???

btw, this is samba 2.X with the latest security rollup. and

security = server
password server = domaincontroller

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