Samba4 libsmb* design draft

Derrell.Lipman at Derrell.Lipman at
Tue Nov 25 14:41:42 GMT 2003

"Tom Jansen" <sketch at> writes:

> Why is sock->port = 445 in cli_sock_init() while we could be more
> failsafe by using sock->port = 0 because  cli_sock_connect tries 445 and
> 139 (in that order) when port==0 ?

A bit over a year ago, we had a discussion on this list about port selection
order and determined that in order for browse lists to work, it was important
that port 139 be tried *first*, followed by port 445 if the former failed.
That is the way that the current cvs version of libsmbclient operates now.  If
there is a (better?) way to make browse lists work with all versions of
windows, while attempting to connect with port 445 first, please set me



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