Copied file vanishes when client is OS X

Benjamin Riefenstahl Benjamin.Riefenstahl at
Tue Nov 25 13:04:42 GMT 2003

Hi Ed,

Sorry for getting into this discussion late. 

Ed Holden <eholden at> writes:
> Curiously, I've done some more testing and have found that a
> specific PDF file called "gnu-linux.pdf" that I created with
> 1.1 is the most consistently problematic file.  It
> always disappears, at least when I copy it to a specific folder.
> Even if I rename it.  But if I take another PDF file and give it
> that name, it copies fine.  I still can't duplicate the problem on
> other clients, just on Macs.  So it seems to have something to do
> with the specific file and OS X.
> I can even take that PDF file, open it in Preview and do a Save As,
> and the resulting file copies fine.  Has anyone heard of problems
> with specific file types, or files containing specific types of
> data, being copied badly or not at all by Samba?

Do you have Apple's development system on that system?  If so, you
could check for differences in the Mac OS metadata with the tool
"GetFileInfo".  Also you can run "DeRez" on the file (redirect the
output to a file) to determine if the file has a resource fork and if
it is empty.

Does a copy of the file work, if you create that with the "cp" tool in on the Mac?


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