upgraded --> cannot print anymore

Christian Groessler cpg at aladdin.de
Thu Nov 20 17:12:53 GMT 2003

On 20.11.2003 08:18:17 CST "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" wrote:
>Christian Groessler wrote:
>Therre was a significant printing bug wrt to 2000/xp
>clients fixed in 3.0.1pre3.  Could you test that and
>see if it works better for you?

It doesn't :-(

>| When I look at the samba log file, I have a bunch of
>| [2003/11/10 13:25:51, 0]
>|   unmarshall_rpc_header: FIRST endianness flag (0) different in next PDU !

I seems very stange. From looking at the source code it seems
subsequent rpc packets have different byte order!?

Clients are Win2k and XP systems.


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