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| First is that man Samba list smbgroupedit, which I
| believe has been merged into "net groupmap".

There's no mention of smbgrioupedit in the cvs docs
so apparently this has been fixed already.

|  Using a ldapsam_compat SAM, I found that the Group SID
| is 1201, and that it should be 512 for Samba 3, is it fine
| to just change it in the LDAP DB "primaryGroupID" from 1201
| to 512, or do I have to make a group mapping to a real
| unix GID?

You can change the rid but you also need a mapping
to match a unix group IIRC.

|  The other thing is the default for "logon path" and "logon
| home" to use "%N", which does not reslove, I changed it to use
| "%L" and then works fine.

This has been fixed in 3.0.1pre3

| Also, I do remember seeing a warning when enabling
| domain logons" while using winbind on RH9 using RPM's from Samba,
| I don't know if FC1's rpm have this striped out.

What warning?  Could you forward the excat message?

|  Okay, the last thing, moving files for a profile from
| a (RH8 - Samba 2.2.8a) server to a new ( FC1 - Samba 3.0.0 )
| server, I had problems with some funny files ( quater character
| has Samba panic, in 3.25 ) ... I am sure I saw some talk
| on this before, but was wondering, short of
| deleting, is there a possible workaround or fix for this?

Fix the files name.  This has been convered in threads before
(and I don't remember the exact syntax, but it is scriptable).

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