keep generated code in Samba4?

tridge at tridge at
Thu Nov 20 06:00:59 GMT 2003

We now have around 50k lines of generated RPC code in Samba4, and its
growing fast. It might make sense to not put this code in CVS, and
instead rely on all developers having the pidl IDL compiler installed,
or possibly even including pidl in the Samba4 cvs tree (pidl is much
smaller than the code it generates).

Anyone have any special reason one way or the other? Up to now we have
not relied on perl to build Samba, but perhaps that should change. For
example a perl mkproto would probably be much faster and neater than
our current awk one, and perl could be useful in some other parts of
the build.

We might also decide to use an interim method, where we do not put the
generated code in CVS, but we generate the code on before
each release, so releases have the full generated code but developers
who use cvs need to have pidl.

Cheers, Tridge

PS: If anyone is tempted to say "use XXX instead of perl", then the
answer is that you first have to demonstrate a full rewrite of pidl in
the XXX language. I think you may not find that easy, no matter how
wonderful you think XXX is.

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