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Wed Nov 19 09:34:01 GMT 2003


 > Ethereal has lots of IDL for srvsvc and wkssvc just for the taking.

yes, and the ethereal dcerpc code is very useful, but it is not
complete or accurate by any means. If you try the test suite metze
wrote against w2k3 and watch the wire with ethereal then you can see
several calls that the IDL from metze handles correctly that ethereal
doesn't handle.

I think we are going to need a ethereal backend for pidl, so we can
share our IDL and auto-generate ethereal parsers. Tim did a basic one
of those a year or two ago when pidl was just started, but at that
stage pidl didn't have enough infrastructure for it to be really
useful. Now that pidl is fairly complete I think we should do it

I'd guess it would not take long (maybe a day or two?) to write a good
ethereal generator for pidl. The result will be a very powerful
combination where fixes in ethereal can be directly imported into
Samba4 and vice-versa.

We would need to add comments to the IDL so ethereal can put nice
descriptions on variables (and make pidl not discard comments), but
that shouldn't be too hard.

Cheers, Tridge

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