tridge at tridge at
Wed Nov 19 09:24:49 GMT 2003


 > here's the start of my srvsvc.idl and torture test

Thanks! that looks really good. I've committed it to CVS.

 > I'll try to find some more info levels of the working calls
 > and I will try to add more calls the next days...

that would be great!

For some calls (particularly the destructive ones) you might like to
create a new share using ShareAdd then do the operations on the test
share then delete the share at the end. I've started doing that in
samr (with a user called 'samrtorturetest') and find it very useful.

I also think that we need to loop across all exposed fields, first
setting the field then fetching the field via all available methods
and looking for consistency. That should also allow us to work out a
lot of unknown fields. I haven't started on this yet with the pipes
I'm working on, but I plan to when I have time.

If we can do this for all the important pipes then I am confident that
we will be able to build an absolutely top-notch DC for Samba4. Having
a full test suite makes writing a good server so much easier :)

Cheers, Tridge

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