Japanese Share Names Wrong Format

Jonny Larson jlarson at cips.nokia.com
Tue Nov 18 18:45:14 GMT 2003

Jeremy Allison wrote:

>On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 04:20:02PM -0800, Jonny Larson wrote:
>>We're using the Samba client 3.0.0 API to get file server access.  We 
>>have some Japanese Win2k servers that we test with.  This server has 
>>some share names that are in Japanese.  When I call cli_RNetShareEnum 
>>against this server, the names passed to my enum function are in the 
>>Shift_JIS character set.  This is even though the CAP_UNICODE 
>>capabilities flag is set after cli_negprot is called.  This causes the 
>>pull_ascii funtion to mash the names when it converts from CH_DOS to 
>>CH_UNIX inside of convert_string.
>Can you give some examples please ? I've been working in this area
>and I want to ensure all these bugs are fixed for 3.0.1.
Not sure what you mean by examples.  I can try to clarify the steps to 
reproduce this:
1. Create a Windows share with a name specified in Shitf_JIS.  Of 
course, you'll need a Japanese installation of Windows to do this.

2. Call cli_RNetShareEnum on this server.

3. When the list of shares comes down, c->capabilities has the 
CAP_UNICODE bit set.  The data stream is NOT Unicode.  Rather, it's in 
Shift_JIS and there's no way to tell this (not that I could see anyway).

I got around this problem by using the RPC.  The RPC calls use Unicode.

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