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Pradeepa Venkatswamy wrote:

|     We are using Samba 2.2.8a version.We are
| facing memory consumption issue in poing and
| print operation.  while doing operation(click
| on) PrinterProperties->advanced tab->printing defaults.
|     1.During this operation the memory consumption
| is around 14MB which is quite huge memory usage(this
| is very badly affecting the system).And
| this memory is released after this operation is over.
|     2.This behaviour is observed only during first
| time download and try to set printing defaults.From
| second time download onwards there is no huge memory consumption.
|     3.We have observed the ethereal dump for first download
| and seconddownload.In first download openprinterex
| is getting exchanged many times.
| We would like to know why there is a huge memory
| consumption during first time download
| printerproperties->advanced tab->printing defaults

This could be a bug in the printer driver.  What
are you using?  These are win2k clients I'm assuming
based on your comments.

Want to send me the trace offlist?

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