Windows File Attributes

Olaf Frączyk olaf at
Fri Nov 14 13:16:32 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 00:10, Ravi Wijayaratne wrote:
> 	Hi All
> 	Currently we are encoding the windows Hidden, Read Only, Archive and
> System file attributes in 
> 	read, write, execute permissions of user, group and other id
> entities. Though the above encoding
> 	is quite cleverly done to avoid serious effects of overloading the
> effective permissions we have
> 	determined that it causes confusion when representing the ACLs.
> Furthermore since Samba 
> 	now supports automatic ACL propagation, the above permissions tend
> to vanish when the user,
> 	group, mask and other ACEs are set or unset by way of propagating
> permissions.
> 	As an alternative we propose that the Windows file attributes be
> stored as an extended native file
> 	system attribute. Though the solution is fairly straightforward
> there are several pitfalls that one needs
> 	to be aware of in such an exercise.

This is very nice feature. I was thinking about it for long time, but
have had no time :)
I see only two small problems below:
This patch simply replaces current mechanism.
Is it possible to make it option settable in smb.conf (per share)?
Also it would be nice to have option in sm.conf to do automatic creation
of "Archive" attribute, or to store it in EA.

BTW., I would opt for having all of them in one EA. 

Is it possible that it would get included in 3.0.1?


Olaf Fraczyk

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