What's next for Samba ?

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Fri Nov 14 02:32:41 GMT 2003


 > We are a team of developers who are testing multibyte language
 > capabilities for Samba 3.0, especially for Japanese.


 > Because we hope that the future release of samba is regression-
 > free at least for internationalisation, we are currently working
 > on making test programs and data that can be merged into the
 > buildfarm environment.

that would be excellent. We have some internationalisation tests in
Samba now, but they are not nearly extensive enough. A more extensive
test suite built into smbtorture would help a lot!

You might also like to consider adding your torture changes to Samba4
instead of Samba3. The Samba4 test suite is much more comprehensive,
and it is possible that we will start using the Samba4 suite to test
Samba3 more than we use the Samba3 suite.

A good start might be to create a source/torture/intl/ directory in
the Samba4 tree, and start a INTL-* set of tests (like the RAW-* and
RPC-* tests). That way you could work much more independently, and add
your tests without running into conflicts with other developers
working on other parts of the test suite.

I would also suggest that you look at the torture/raw/*.c tests in
Samba4 as an example of the style of test that we should aim for in
the future. The style is I think much better than the
torture/torture.c code in Samba3.

 > Also, we are writing requirements for internationalisation and
 > if necessary, we are also willing to make patches for these
 > relating issues.
 > Is there any way we can participate for Samba project?

Are you in touch with Takahashi Motonobu (monyo at samba.org) ? He has
cvs commit access for Samba, so in the first instance I think you
should contact him and discuss your changes. If he is unable to help
you for whatever reason then get back to us and we will work out
something else.

Cheers, Tridge

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