What's next for Samba ?

Yasuma Takeda yasuma at miraclelinux.com
Fri Nov 14 02:18:51 GMT 2003

> So what do people want to get done in the next 7 - 8
> months.   Let the games begin.....

Hi there,

We are a team of developers who are testing multibyte language
capabilities for Samba 3.0, especially for Japanese.

As far as we concerned, we are quite confident that many of its
functionalities are working fine.
However, there are some implementations we believe they are not
sufficient, and more works to be done.

Because we hope that the future release of samba is regression-
free at least for internationalisation, we are currently working
on making test programs and data that can be merged into the
buildfarm environment.

Also, we are writing requirements for internationalisation and
if necessary, we are also willing to make patches for these
relating issues.

Is there any way we can participate for Samba project?


TAKEDA yasuma (yasuma at miraclelinux.com)

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