Japanese Share Names Wrong Format

Jonny Larson jlarson at cips.nokia.com
Fri Nov 14 00:20:02 GMT 2003

We're using the Samba client 3.0.0 API to get file server access.  We 
have some Japanese Win2k servers that we test with.  This server has 
some share names that are in Japanese.  When I call cli_RNetShareEnum 
against this server, the names passed to my enum function are in the 
Shift_JIS character set.  This is even though the CAP_UNICODE 
capabilities flag is set after cli_negprot is called.  This causes the 
pull_ascii funtion to mash the names when it converts from CH_DOS to 
CH_UNIX inside of convert_string.

For files with Japanese names, the Samba API properly passes the names 
in Unicode.

We do not have ICONV (or GICONV) support compiled in.  Is this a known 
problem?  Short of changing the Samba code, I don't know what else to 
do.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I'd appreciate any and all information anyone could provide.
Jonny L.

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