Bug in pdb_ldap.c ?

Aurélien Degrémont adegremont at idealx.com
Thu Nov 13 14:01:42 GMT 2003


I note a problematic behaviour inside pdb_ldap.c.
When deletion is needed, Samba will try to delete the objectclass 
'sambaSamAccount' and all its LDAP attributes but this behaviour is 
quite problematic.
When a LDAP entry had many objectclass like shadowAccount, posixAccount, 
InetOrgPerson or sambaSAMAccount, some attributes are used by more than 
one class, like 'description', 'cn' or 'uid', but, when removing the 
sambaSAMAccount, it will remove all the attributes used by this class, 
including  'description', 'cn' or  'uid', even if  an other class need 
them. LDAP will complain about this and raise an error.
I think it's a important problem, but, as i'm not a ldap specialist, I 
have not a solution for this.
This correction is needed to correct other Samba odd behaviour which i'm 
currently working on.


Aurélien Degrémont

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