What's next for Samba ?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Nov 13 04:32:26 GMT 2003

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tridge at samba.org wrote:

| We really have two major ways forward from here. We
| can either backport some of the more eligible pieces of
| Samba4 into Samba3, or we can concentrate on getting Samba4
| complete enough to be really used. Or we can do both (and yes,
| I know that means I can't count).
| The question is, should we backport at all? Past experience
| (especially with Samba3) tells us that backporting will
| lead to a long delay before Samba4 is out, as we
| keep extending the life of Samba3. It would also lead
| to the possibility of eventually abandoning Samba4 and
| instead just using Samba3 with some bits of Samba4 tacked
| on. While I think that would be better than Samba3 as it
| is now, I also think that we won't see nearly as much
| benefit in terms of code maintainability if we do this, as
| we will be left with the core infrastructure of Samba3
| which I think is really holding us back.

ok.  Couple of things.  I don't really want to start extending the
life of 3.0.  If we want to backport then let's have a 3.1
and backport to that.  Backporting to a release branch tends to
destabilize code.

Second there is an issue of time.  Can samba4 be ready by
next fall?   Do people even want to shoot for a release
next fall?

Finally, if we focus on Samba4 alone, argueably a good move
for future code maintaince, it seems that we will be ignoring
new features.  Rather will be reimplementing a lot of stuff
we can do now.  I know there's new, cool stuff there, but I think
you understand what I'm saying....

| I'd also appreciate some volunteers to work with me in the short term
| on some core Samba4 features that need developing. In particular:
|  * the substitution system is completely missing.
|  * someone needs to start on the POSIX NTVFS backend.
|  * I'd really like some help writing all the IDL files for
|    librpc/idl/.
|  * I'd like some help in adding some features to librpc, such as
|    schannel support
|  * I'd like some help in writing the server side infrastructure for
|    Samba4 rpc, using auto-generated stubs
|  * and lots of other stuff .....
| I'd also appreciate it if anyone working on Samba4
| first read the prog_guide.txt in the Samba4 cvs tree.
| It isn't complete yet, but it should give you a bit of
| an idea of the style that I am aiming for.

cheers, jerry
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