directing smbc_opendir(url) to an explicit interface

David Wuertele dave-gnus at
Thu Nov 13 03:58:11 GMT 2003

I want to clarify something I said: there are two workgroups, both
called WORKGROUP, disjoint from each other.  They are not necessarily
sets of "B" nodes, which the appendix implies is the purpose of the
"?BROADCAST=" context qualifier.

There might be an LMB on, but then again there might not
(for example, maybe there are only P nodes on that subnet, and the
WINS server is on a remote subnet).

I still want to request a list of the servers in an explicit
WORKGROUP, and the only way I see to specify one or the other is by
using the BROADCAST qualifier.  But it doesn't seem quite right, since
the broadcast address of my eth0 is not necessarily common to all
hosts in the workgroup WORKGROUP that happens to partially occupy the
same subnet as eth0.

So some other member of the WORKGROUP I can see from eth0 might
actually be on, in which case they would never use
smb://WORKGROUP?BROADCAST= to request a list of the
servers in that workgroup.  They would use
smb://WORKGROUP?BROADCAST=, which shouldn't be a problem
because their NBT resolver logic should understand that just fine.
But it points out that this URL for requesting the list of servers in
WORKGROUP is not unique, nor is it portable between subnets.


Me> If I'm reading this right, it says that I can write two URLs thusly:


Me> The first is a request to list the servers on the WORKGROUP living on
Me> my eth0 subnet, and the second is a request to list the servers on the
Me> WORKGROUP living on my eth1 subnet.  Is this correct?

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