Possible to set printer devmode using samba3-python?

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Wed Nov 12 16:14:01 GMT 2003

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> daniel.jarboe at custserv.com wrote:
> | My intention is to copy all printer-related settings from an NT
> | print-server to a samba server.  The NT server is already configured
> | appropriately with several printers, and if I can clone those settings,
> | it would be a big time-saver and less error prone.  Also, for new
> | printers to be installed, I'd like our print admin to have the
> | capability of installing/configuring/shareing the printer on a windows
> | pc like they've always done, then trigger a process on our samba server
> | to use smbclient to retrieve the drivers from their PC, rpcclient
> | adddriver the printer to samba, and then copy all the printer settings /
> | devmode etc.  It's this copy all the printer settings / devmode etc
> | portion that is tripping me up.
> |
> | Our users require functionality available in vendor-provided print
> | drivers that don't take kindly to being remotely uploaded to a samba
> | server using print$, and I'm hoping that I can get them to work by
> | installing them locally and then duplicating all the driver files /
> | settings they use onto the samba server.
> Yup.  Works well. 


> Talk to Tim Potter about the python code. :-)
> ( Hey tpot! )

Tim, then you should be supplying some docu on that also. Or at
least give me enough hints to get me walking with it (I'll learn
to run myself then), so that I can supplement the HOWTO collection


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