problem with updating files on cifs mount (2.6.0-test9)

Ookhoi ookhoi at
Wed Nov 12 14:18:10 GMT 2003

Just pointing out a typo in my mail which surfaced after the coffee

Ookhoi wrote (ao):
> Now I'm on a windows workstation, and create a new file with notepad:
> "
> this is line one
> this is line two
> "
> I save it on the network share on server as 'filetest.txt'.
> That works:
> -rwxrwSrwt    1 root     root           34 Nov 12 13:51 filetest.txt
> cat:
> this is row one
> this is row two

I wanted to write 'line', but instead wrote 'row'. This of course
doesn't solve the problem, but people might assume I looked at the wrong

Also, the 'ls -l' and 'cat' are of course done on the linux server which
mounts the windows share via cifs.

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