Samba 2.2.7 Oddities

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Sun Nov 9 06:44:28 GMT 2003

>> These are admittedly obscure and will likely not effect effect windows
>> clients too badly
> I would never say that :-)
> The whole samba4 exercise it on the basis that every non-conforming
> behaviour is a bug waiting to be exposed, so we certainly want to fix
> them.

What about the non-conforming behaviour required for clients to function
properly like how the PrimaryDomain field in an SMB_COM_NEGOTIATE_RESPONSE
is always Unicode and never aligned? I think we need a new dialect called
"NT LM 0.12 CORRECTED (NO REALLY)". Then we could all be idealists.

>> After I finish up jCIFS 0.8 I'll switch to 3.0 and try that too.
> Given 3.0 is the one we can actually fix (changing 2.2 would introduce
> more bugs than we can fix at this stage) that would be appreciate.

Incedentally, regarding the FLAGS2_RESOLVE_PATHS_IN_DFS thing, I should
probably just selectively turn that flag off for non-DFS shares which
would solve the problem for jCIFS at least (unless it also affects paths
not in DFS whereas the share is in DFS; I have to try that).


A program should be written to  model the concepts of the task it
performs rather than the physical world or a process because this
maximizes the  potential for it  to be applied  to tasks that are
conceptually similar and, more  important, to tasks that have not
yet been conceived.

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