Libsmbclient: smbc_init

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Thu Nov 6 11:47:22 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 11:16, Sevastian Foglia wrote:

> I'm developing an application that uses libsmbclient and samba-vfs.
> When a client connects to a share on my samba server, samba-vfs passes
> the gathered information to a local daemon that uses smbclient to connect
> to another samba server.  I have both workgroup and username, but I don't
> have his password. Is there a way to authenticate to the samba server on
> the other side with the supplied username (notice that both servers have
> the same user database) ?
> As written in documentation I found I must initialize the samba client
> library with smbc_init.
> I saw in testsmbc.c that first argument of smbc_init is a function which is
> used to get workgroup and user informations from stdin.
> Now, my application is a daemon and I want nothing is been printed to
> stdout and read from stdin.

Ok basically you are extending the concept of security = server to file
Look at the code in samba that implements security = server, you will
have to modify the samba server code in order to keep the hashed
password and not delete it.
This method cannot work in a domain environemnt when you are a member
server and not the PDC, in that case the member server will never see
the hashed password.


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