[PATCH] Upgrade for TDBSAM formatM

Aurélien Degrémont adegremont at idealx.com
Tue Nov 4 09:53:57 GMT 2003

Simo wrote:

>The patch seem ok indeed, only one question, why have you added
>TDBSAM_VERSION when we already defined PDB_VERSION?
>ok PDB_VERSION mistakenly is unused, but then remove it if you prefer
As I saw that PDB_VERSION was not used, I don't understand what it was for.
So I prefered let it unmodified. Moreover I think TDBSAM is a better 
name ;).
If it is really useless, you can remove it.

>As I said the format to use for nt_passwrd should be at least a list of
>NT HASHES comma separated in a string parameter. (If Andrew prefer some
>other format let him patch the code, let's concentrate on getting the
>code out right first :-)
Ok, I will do this like that. I think it's a good idea. And we will see 
when the code will be ready.

>Munged_dial may be stored as a base64 string of the blob received so
>that it can also easily stored in a string.
Grrr. As I already said, this field cannot be manage as a string anymore 
due to Windows TSE !
Windows TSE use a trick to store its informations inside this field. All 
its informations are separated by a \0 !
So, all the strxxx() functions are totally useless. We cannot use it 
like that. It must be store as a Blob, and cannot be printed anymore 
(or, all the informations must be parsed before).


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