max xmit default to 0x4104 (16644). Why ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Mon Nov 3 04:28:44 GMT 2003


In tracking down a benchmarking problem, I discovered the following:

        /* Was 65535 (0xFFFF). 0x4101 matches W2K and causes major speed 
	   improvements... */
        /* Discovered by 2 days of pain by Don McCall @ HP :-). */
        Globals.max_xmit = 0x4104;

This causes me major problems and I was wondering why the previous value 
(of 65535) caused problems with Win2K.

I have not yet tested with Win2K and my testing has been confined to using 
cifs_bm, but it also seems unlikely to be a problem on the surface. This 
is the setting of the max amount data that Samba is capable of writing in 
one go. If Windows does not like it, it is free to use a smaller size in 
read(&X) requests if it likes to.

I wonder if anyone (Don McCall?) has a capture of this behavior so we can 
see what exactly is going on?

Richard Sharpe, rsharpe[at], rsharpe[at], 

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