ADS wrong service principals

Kenneth MacDonald kenny at
Sat Nov 1 11:42:10 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Horst <erich at> writes:

    Eric> First off, this might be helpful to clarify this subtle
    Eric> behaviour in the documentation.  Second, Windows servers
    Eric> don't act like this.  We currently have Windows and Samba
    Eric> servers in several DNS domains joined to a single Windows
    Eric> domain.  Kerberos principals work out right.  I'd suggest
    Eric> that this is a bug and that service principals be generated
    Eric> using the hostname of the host rather than taking liberties
    Eric> by chopping the name and appending the domain it is joining.

We've seen Windows servers getting the wrong SPNs in our AD, which
spread across multiple DNS domains, as yours is.  And I've had to use
MS's "setspn.exe" tool to correct the SPNs for my Samba 3.0.0 member

I thought it was the AD filling in the SPNs, rather than net ads join
doing it.



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