Posix/Samba: the accounts managements

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Sat Nov 1 00:58:56 GMT 2003

>The main problem appeared when LDAPSAM is used with NSSLDAP. In this 
>case, the unix accounts are stored inside the ldap directory as 
>PosixAccounts(structural) and Samba Accounts are stored in the same 
>directory as sambaSamAccounts (auxiliary).

posixAccount is auxiliary. From RFC 2307:

        ( nisSchema.2.0 NAME 'posixAccount' SUP top AUXILIARY
          DESC 'Abstraction of an account with POSIX attributes'
          MUST ( cn $ uid $ uidNumber $ gidNumber $ homeDirectory )
          MAY ( userPassword $ loginShell $ gecos $ description ) )

-- Luke

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