Help on debugging smbd daemon with GDB

meow at meow at
Fri May 30 00:53:12 GMT 2003

         The GDB version I used is 5.3. That's the latest stable version I 
could get from the GDB web site. So, all I can do now is report this bug 
to them.

        But then, how do samba developers debugs samba ?
        Do they just reading log file generated from DEBUG() and using 
strace ?

        Somehow, I think this approach would be difficult & take a long 
time to debug Samba for a newbie like me ....



Jay Fenlason <fenlason at>
30/05/2003 01:26

        To:     meow at
        Subject:        Re: Help on debugging smbd daemon with GDB

>         An internal GDB error was detected. This might make further 
> debuggin unreliable. Stop debugging session (y/n)?  n

You have detected a bug in GDB.  You'll have to get a fixed version of
gdb before you'll be able to successfully debug smbd (or anything
else) with it.

                                                 -- JF

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