python bindings api

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu May 29 23:52:14 GMT 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 08:30:50AM -0500, Brett A. Funderburg wrote:

> > This looks like a problem in Samba's unmarshalling of security
> > descriptors.  I'd be interested in seeing a debug level 10 log of what
> > is happening here.  Add 'debug level = 10' to your smb.conf file to
> > get this.
> I'm happy to send this to you. Where will the output go?

It should go to standard output.

> > As an historical note, the python smb module is more of an experiment that
> > anything particularly useful at the moment.  I was initially using it to
> > write some tests for a security descriptor project I was working on.
> > I've only implemented the bare minimum number of calls required to get
> > and set security descriptors on a file share.
> What do you think it needs in order to be production quality? I might be
> interested in lending a hand here.

Well I'm not sure exactly what you would do in production with this
module but it sounds like you have thought of something.  I was thinking
that development of this module would occur as people think of useful 
things to do with it.  

I'd be happy to look at any contributions if you are interesting in
making any.  I have no immediate plans for this module at the moment.


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