Group mapping

Raphaël Berghmans rberghmans at
Tue May 27 18:29:23 GMT 2003

Hi everybody,

Since two days I'm trying to migrate a whole NT4 PDC to Samba-3 with the
"net rpc vampire". 

Each user and computer accounts are correctly added in LDAP directory.
But for every account this message appears during the migration :

Primary group of xxxx has no mapping!

An other problem is that none of the 558 groups is added in LDAP
directory. Then, in my smb.conf I've added a "add group script" using
the smbldap-tool. This tool adds for every group a posix entry in LDAP.

But what about the Group mapping ? Howto add it automaticaly in LDAP
during the "vampire" ?

And last but not least when "vampire" has to add the member for each
group I get this error : 

  Could not find global group xyz

My configuration is :

NT4 PDC with 1700 user accounts, 1500 computer accounts and 558 groups

Could you please help me ? An explanation about group mapping is

Raphaël Berghmans <rberghmans at>

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