directory listing and icons inside executable

Kerihuel Julien j.kerihuel at
Mon May 26 22:25:49 GMT 2003

Hello, I'm actually working on samba internals and I'm blocked with this point:

I get executable files which contains their own icons inside the resource section of the exe file (.rsrc section?).

When I'm listing a directory, my executable is being displayed with it's icon.

So here are the possibilities:
1- Samba sends the whole executable file to windows and the job is done.
2- Samba sends a basic directory listing and send the resource for each file that needs it.
3- none of these, and then I really need your help ;)

and these are the answer coming to my mind:
1- Not possible, if we add a directory with a hundred of videos it would take some hours just to list the files. And a directory listing is just the result of the parsing of dirent entries with name, namelen, unique file id and the record len.

2- It seems ok but I don't see any parsing routine of the PE format. I mean that I only found some in printing/nt_printing.c ...

3- As I'm new to samba, maybe did I ommit something. In such a case thanks to point me to the right informations.

Thanks per advance for your help.

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