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Thu May 22 13:57:17 GMT 2003

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On Thu, 22 May 2003, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:

> Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
> > Wed May 21 11:29:59 GMT 2003
> > 
> > 
> > OK.  I'm going to table this for now unless someone reports an actual 
> > failure from a windows client due to our current behavior.
> I reported a failure from Win2000 clients.

If you can give me the log file that shows the permissions the client 
requested and the failure, i'll believe it.  I'm just a little skeptical 
on this one.

>      From the Win 2000 client, I *do* see the APW in the printers folder of
>     *both* Samba severs.
>      From the Win XP client, I *don't* see the APW on any of the two!
>     So the problem is not so much a configuration issue, but a more
>     fundamental one regarding XP clients. (And I *can* see the APW from
>     the XP, if Samba is 2.2.7a-2.2.8a ... )

Everything works fine here.  if you'll send me a log file (level 10) 
i'll see what's going on.

cheers, jerry
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