AW: APW is missing

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Thu May 22 11:51:59 GMT 2003

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at

> Wed May 21 11:29:59 GMT 2003
> OK.  I'm going to table this for now unless someone reports an actual 
> failure from a windows client due to our current behavior.

I reported a failure from Win2000 clients.

> Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry, I was away for 2 days and couldn't find any reference to my last
posting on $SUBJECT. So I repeat what's in my last posting again:

    1st server is Samba-3.0alpha24 (as released):
      kde-bitshop:~# testparm -v | grep "printer admin"
            printer admin = root, nobody

    2nd server is Samba-3.0alpha (CVS from yesterday):
       kde-bitshop:~# testparm -v | grep "printer admin"
             printer admin =

    I am connecting as root to the Samba servers.

     From the Win 2000 client, I *do* see the APW in the printers folder of
    *both* Samba severs.

     From the Win XP client, I *don't* see the APW on any of the two!

    So the problem is not so much a configuration issue, but a more
    fundamental one regarding XP clients. (And I *can* see the APW from
    the XP, if Samba is 2.2.7a-2.2.8a ... )

> cheers, jerry


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