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Seog-Cheon Kang seog0276 at yahoo.com
Thu May 22 09:41:03 GMT 2003

I am trying to modify some features in Samba but got
some problems.

Seeing section 5.2 of Samba HOWTO-Collection.pdf
), it states that when accessing
“Properties->Security” by clicking right mouse button
from one of the files which is shared from Samba in
Windows 2000 client, we can see the following three
buttons – permissions / auditing / ownership - but the
document says the the “auditing” is not functional.

But I would like hide this “auditing” tab in this
case. (When doing the same job in the folder shared
from Windows 2000 the “auditing” tab is hidden at

-	Is it possible to hide this?
-	If so, your not implementing it yet is due to the
complexity or anything else?

If you’ve got any idea on implementing it, please let
me know.
I will do the job and will send the patch asap.

Here is what I’ve found so far:
Using “ethereal”, I compared packets from Windows
share / Samba share each and found that the Samba
share uses “WINREG” protocol and got some error
occasionally while almost everything else was the same

Error details: (using samba-3.0alpha23)

Got error from LookupNames2 request
-> DCERPC Fault:  status : nca_op_rng_error
 (nca_op_rng_error : The operation number passed in
the request PDU is greater than or equal to the number
of operations in the interface.)

Got error from DCERPC Bind: call_id:1 UUID: LSA_DS
-> DCERPC Bind_ack : call_id:1 Provider rejection,
reason: Abstract syntax not supported

And they use WINREG protocol after that then.

Any comment will be very appreciated.
Thanks very much.

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