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David Lee t.d.lee at
Thu May 22 09:16:30 GMT 2003

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> Just passing on information.  Here's some of the major points
> that need fixing
> [...]
> If you have something that you think should be on
> the critical path, then make sure it has been filed
> with bugzilla and convince me why it should be a
> showstopper.

Bugzilla 83 reports and fixes a general configure problem, new, I think,
at alpha24:
  "make" fails if "$(builddir) != $(srcir)"

Folk who build in the source directory are unaffected.  But it is a
showstopper for sites supporting multiple architecures, and/or wishing to
keep srcdir clean etc., that do the build outside the source directory.

The first fix, a one-liner, is in the bugzilla report.

The second is in the email thread (referenced from the report):
   3.0alpha24: make bug (or more...)

on samba-technical. It has the beneficial side-effect of cleaning up some
previously unclean behaviour.  (Or, depending on one's viewpoint: the
clean-up is the major aspect, and the side-effect is that non-srcdir
builds work again.)

Andrew Bartlett had shown an interest in this patch, but I've not heard
from him since the end of last week.

Jerry: If you still need further convincing, or need any clarification
etc., please do feel free to contact me.



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