AW: APW is missing

Ronan Waide waider at
Wed May 21 15:55:44 GMT 2003

On May 21, jerry at said:
> 2 questions:
>   1)  Have you ever seen a windows client send 
>       MAXIMUM_ALLOWED_ACCESS without including
>       SERVER_ALL_ACCESS ?  rpcclient doesn't count 
>       here.  I know we don't do this exactly like NT
>       but it has never matter against real windows 
>       clients 

Hmm. As documented in the quoted post, NT4SP6 talking to Samba sends
MAXIMUM_ALLOWED_ACCESS without any of the printer admin access bits,
but I don't recall if it had SERVER_ALL_ACCESS set.

>   2)  How did you setup the Printer Operator account?
>       It is unclear to me from your mail whether
>       this was a local account or doamin account or something 
>       else.

The account I was using was in the printer admins list on the Samba
side, and in the Printer Operators group on the Windows side, as I

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